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At Rub A Dub Doggie, we are committed to providing pet owners the advantage of a full service grooming salon, conveniently delivered to their home, while their pet enjoys comfort, safety and undivided professional attention from start to finish.

Rub A Dub Doggie was established in January 2007.

Our Groomers are registered with the National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc., and adhere to their Code of Ethics.

Our Products:

Andis brand clippers and Master Grooming Tool blades. Andis is a leader in supplying high quality grooming tools to the industry. These clippers offer high speed strokes which allow for a dramatically smoother finish and our Classic steel blades are heat-tempered carbon steel blades that groomers have relied on for years.

ProEye Professional Eye Wipes. Specially formulated to safely remove dried secretions and prevent discoloration from tear stains. These wipes are used gently around the eye area to reduce the risk of eye infection and irritation.