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Rub A Dub Doggie kindly requests a 24 cancellation notice.

What are your prices?

All telephone quotes are estimates and can only be confirmed after initial examination of your pet's condition. Prices are subject to change and based on the condition of the coat, temperament of your pet, size, and breed. A $15 dollar convenience charge is added to locally competitive grooming rates. We accept either cash, check, Visa or Mastercard for services.

How often does my pet need groomed?

Your pet should be groomed at least every 6-8 weeks, even during winter months.  Grooming is personal hygiene for pets. We shampoo and condition their hair, wash their eyes and ears, making sure there are no infections. We clip their nails to keep their feet healthy.

What does NO CAGE DRYING mean?

All pets are towel dried by hand and then their hair is brushed out and hand blow dried. At Rub A Dub Doggie each pet is given our total and undivided personal attention and never left in a cage with a blow drier aimed at them. (Animals left in some grooming shops are caged dried and stacked on top of each other for hours.)

How sanitary is a mobile tub?

At Rub A Dub Doggie, we have Superior Standards for Cleanliness. All grooming tools and surface areas are cleaned and sterilized after every treatment. We use disinfectants recommended by veterinarians to kill bacteria and diseases. Our van is equipped with two separate 50 gallon water tanks. Fresh and dirty water never mix. The tanks are drained, sanitized and refreshed every day.

Why do I need to provide proof of Rabies vaccine?

State law requires that all dogs and cats over four months of age receive rabies shots. Rabies is a virus that attacks the brain and nervous system. It is transmitted from animal to animal and from animal to human. If left untreated, in animals and humans, rabies is fatal.

What about Specialty Services?

We are happy to accommodate your special requests for teeth brushing, medicated shampoos, flea and tick treatments, the FURminator, and deskunk service.

What is the FURminator?

The FURminator SHED-LESS Treatment is a tool, which if used every 4 to 6 weeks, reduces shedding by 60% - 80% by removing the undercoat, and leaving the coat looking normal, not like a shavedown.

What about my pet’s unpleasant temperament?

We understand that not all pets enjoy being groomed and welcome meeting these different personalities as part of our job. We never use tranquilizers or sedation. However, for the benefit of all involved, we will not provide services for vicious or aggressive attitudes, and we reserve the right to refuse service to these pets. Thank you for your understanding.