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Our van was custom built and contains state-of-the-art grooming equipment.

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Our Van:

is equipped with a full climate control system, an ice cold air conditioning system for the summer and a powerful heating system for the winter. There are also two air vents, which are important for removing humidity year round, leaving the salon area comfortable in all weather.

is equipped with a Hydraulic Grooming Table, a Walk-Over Ramp, and a 4 ½ foot stainless steel tub.

is equipped with two 50 gallon water tanks. Fresh and dirty water never mix. An on- board water heater keeps bathing water at an appropriate, comfortable temperature.

is equipped with a pulsating Supersudser Premier Bathing System that lifts the dog’s coat to get the best wash that removes dirt and dander.

is equipped with a Clipper Vac System. It removes hair, dander and parasites the moment the blade clips your pet’s coat. It eliminates messy hair clippings and prevents your pet from inhaling airborne debris. The constant airflow also keeps blades cool, to protect your pet’s sensitive skin.